zardari’s health

7 Dec

it has been rumored that president zardari is not riding on the peak of his health. many of my friends have asked me to pray for his health (if only you could detect the irony here). by a rough estimate, i can safely wager that president zardari has to be the most hated president in Pakistan’s history. i dont think even his family denies that. his ascend to the presidency was always controversial and there always smelled something fishy. not because he had attained it by cashing in the name of his wife, but because his own character was as lose as you would normally find in any of our typical feudal lord-turned politician. if this had been 1960s or even 80s, then i am sure that he would have been very successful at his games, due to the fact that he proves his prowess at political playground. but this is 2011. thanks to our media and general rise of intelligentsia is making people realize what do THEY want. The Youth, which Imran Khan manages to stimulate for his political gains almost effortlessly, is now ready to take on the challenges once outlined by Quaid-e-Azam. President Zardari need to realize that one cannot simply rule always by manipulating the sentimental strings of the less-educated or virtually illiterate people by screaming incessantly about the leaders PPP had to lose. Because, eventually, it is the service that matters the most. Our PM proving himself to be incompetent enough, PPP has just lost its way somewhere. this government needs to perform well because all may not be lost even now. If you cant do that then, sir, you have no right to command a seat considered most revered in this country.


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