12 Feb

Today we went to the house of one of my best friends. probably it has been only the second time during my 6 year stay at lahore that i have gone to a friend’s house. last time, it had been irfan and this time it was Umair. Irfan’s house held (and still holds) quite a few memories. i used to break my Ramadan fast at his house. at one instance, i consumed a whole jug of rooh afza. i was so thirsty.

coming back to the today’s happenings, Umair lives in Ichra. it is at the 10 minutes drive from my college i.e GC University Lahore. Umair had invited me and Arif over for lunch. at about 12 o clock in the noon, we were outside of his house. His house had a fairly decent entrance with stairs to be climbed just when you enter through the gate. i believe that was for the visitors like us. Otherwise i saw couple of doors that supposedly led to the rooms at the ground floor.

We talked and talked and talked. we got all worked up when we laid our hands over two tennis rackets. those rackets were simply beautiful. at that instant i really wanted to learn to play tennis as i believe i can play this. all that running and the exhaustive work that is required for this support will help me to become smarter as well. my belly is bulging out gradually and now i am hating it. the dread of summer still lurks in the corner of my heart when i will only have a shirt on and my belly will be prominent. even now as i am typing, it is giving me shudders. i will do something about it. still, i can’t get those rackets out my head. we tried to play cricket out of them. Arif especially had gone berserk with one of them. he was just slapping the invisible air surrounding him. i think he thought he was somewhere in the middle of Wimbledon court. If wishes were horses…

Arif and I were very hungry as we didn’t have our breakfasts. finally the lunch arrived. the lunch consisted of Saag, makai paratha. this is a traditional rural food. i myself belong to a village so i knew what SHOULD be the taste of this dish. i must tell you i wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary out of it. by the time i had my first piece of chapatti in my mouth, i realized it was something special. the flavor of the saag was perfectly balanced. it was almost alike to the taste of saag which i have in my house. had i not been present at Umair’s house with that saag, i would have been deceived into thinking that that saag was from my home.

Makai parathas were something really heavy. they were thick and boy did they satisfied our hunger. arif is an eating monster and even he was at his wits after eating two of these parathas. i could only eat one and a half. this was the condition when we were really hungry. i dont think in a normal day to day routine, we would have been able to eat more than a single makai paratha.

In dessert, we had my favorite Multani sohn halwa and gajar (carrot) wali kheer. both were of great taste….

i’ll resume the rest of the story tomorrow hopefully. now i am getting really sleepy. Ciao!!


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