Dreams unfulfilled.

26 Feb

Ambulances, going in and outside the hospital, seemed rather silent. For an odd reason maybe. Maybe not. These things were hardly on his mind. As he parked his mountain bike in the parking stand, he dashed his way through the front door of the hospital. Shoving people aside, he hardly cared for their angry stares and mumbling abuses. The boy having sixteen years behind him, had a clearly defined outline of his face features. When you would look at him, Innocence may not be the first of the things that you may attribute to him. He had somewhat worn out clothes with rugged sandals in his feet. Droplets of sweat and worrisome lines had been visible throughout on his forehead. He had almost broken into a sprint. When he crossed the signpost of “ICU”, he found his mother, aunt and his uncle to be hauntingly silent. His mother, with her half covered face, had tears streaming down her cheeks. His aunt, brutally shocked herself, was failing in her every attempt to give any hope to his mother. Finally his uncle broke the horrid news of the death of his father. His father had been poorly sick for a week now. In his last days, he resembled more to a human skeleton than to a human having skin on his bones. 
The boy’s insides had begun to crumble. Like castles of sand, his life seemed shallow and totally worth nothing. The passions inside his heart were crashing into it like strong tides crashing into the cliffs. He never knew what would it be like when he would lose his father. How could he knew? But now that he knew, he realized what was it to be called an orphan. Now he was one of those who had been deprived of a generous father. He still remembered when he would tightly hold the finger of his strong father when crossing the bridge over a stream. The memory was still afresh of the night when his father had scolded for supporting long hair. Now the father whom he once thought to be invincible now laid motionless. The boy’s heart was beating hard and fast as if trying to rip through the body and become still itself than to go through this torment. His brain was still felt unwilling to accept the idea of being an orphan. His soul had gone into past; to the time where his father would be invincible and strong again. The boy’s pulses seemed to swell as they were rising in a protest. Despite the remonstrance of the whole body, his lips suddenly convulsed. His eyes blinked furiously. And finally, a droplet of tear ran down his cheek.


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