18 Mar

How often does it happen that in every perfectly relaxed morning, with nothing worry about in your head, sipping tea from the cup, you open up a newspaper and you come across the news of several dead and numerous injured due to a bomb blast somewhere in Pakistan. The mood which you may have aspired to keep throughout the day now gradually fades away as you read through the details of the calamity. Optimism is hardly a term that you come across in newspapers these days. People keep on getting hurt, politicians keep on coming up with their petty statements. Citizens shrug off these degenerating happenings as long as nothing happens to their immediate family members. The picture is miserable, nay woeful.

Whenever a nation is passing through its, arguably, the worst period of its age, then it needs a nerve to which it can cling on to; it needs a spark of unity that could blaze the whole nation into one formidable force; more than these, a nation needs hope. It needs optimism to fuel its engine. I know that now a days, things are not what we may have liked them to be. But we have not lost all that we had. We still hold fast to our values. We still leave our seats for our elders. We still try to help any stranger who may be finding his way around the big city. We still make sure that we eat our dinners with our families. I know these things do not run a nation, but these things are necessary for a nation to remain integrated.

We have heard a lot of talk shows talking about the strategic location of Pakistan. We have read innumerable articles that chant the limitless potentials of Pakistan. These have become cliched to say the least. We don’t need those. We need realistic approaches to guide ourselves toward the exit of these problems. We have been facing the energy crisis from decades now. Inflation, de-valuing rupee, flight of capital; you name it. We need to solve these problems.

Pakistanis are the one who should realize that only they can be the source of salvation for Pakistan.


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