Well played Mr. Cameron!

11 Jul

The recent video release of British Prime Minister wishing Muslims of the world Ramadan greetings is laudable gesture. The five minute video shows David Cameron highlighting the spirit of Islamic faith and the essence of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. He asks British people to cooperate with Muslims in this month and, by taking inspiration from the Islamic message behind fasting, take measures to eradicate hunger from this planet. The idea of video message does not seem extraordinary for head of the governments do extend their warm regards toward the events of minorities. But the significance of this video message becomes quite considerable in today’s world where Muslims are seen with suspicion, where stares of hatred and blame follow them everywhere around the world. Mr. Camron’s precise understanding of the essence of Ramadan and his gentle plead to the people of Britain to eradicate hunger not only promotes a soft image of Islam, but it marks the understanding of Muslim culture and Islamic faith by the British. West may fiercely deny that it has no problem with Islam, but the orthodox Islamists who are too literal in the interpretation of Quranic text and extremist in its execution. Due to these handful of extremists, the image of Muslim Ummah is dented. West must differenciate between good Muslim and a bad Muslim. Muslims make up decent percentage in Europe and America. Almost all of these Muslims living in Europe and USA have no link whatsoever with the extremist Muslims residing in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Pakistan. Hence it is in the interest of European countries and USA to understand this difference if it wants to win the ideological war. As for Mr. Cameron, owing to his correct understanding of Islam and fasting month of Ramadan, he may just have won the hearts of countless MuslimsImage.


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