Malala et al.

13 Jul

We do not hate Malala Yousafzai. Well, not all of us. For us, Malala does not personify any phenomenon of bravery and fortitude. To us, she happens to be one of those thousands who refused to do bidding of TTP and were hence blown to pieces or riddled with bullets. To us, she does not become the starting point of revolt against TTP’s version of state control for she happens to one of hundreds and thousands who have firm faith in democracy, justice and freedom. Then, why only Malala? She was discovered by BBC and her blogs were telecasted to the world which granted her world-wide recognition for her bravery. To Western media, she, perhaps, embodies the spirit of Anne Frank who used to keep a diary during WWII. Both of these have one thing in common at least: their tormentors were anti-Allies and anti-West. 

Nobody is taking away Malala’s courage away from her for it takes a certain amount of daring attitude in order stand tall to the person who is holding the gun barrel at your face. But her promotion as the manifestation of people of Pakistan who prefer education over extremism and pens over bullets is certainly misleading. An overwhelming majority of Pakistan utterly rejects that version of Islam which TTP preach. Malala is not the only one who challenged TTP’s authority.

Her brought by the Western media serves their interests as well. This war is also being fought at the ideological front. Whosoever speaks of an ideology which falls perfectly in line with the machinations of West must be taken on board. Yes, education for all is a noble dream. But why UN doesnt call up any surviving child of Palestine and have him commenting on the atrocities he has had to face just because he was born in Palestine. 

UN must take things in balance. But at the moment, it seems nothing but wishful thinking.


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