Path to Definite Peace

17 Aug

The recent ferocious exchange of fire at LoC and the near abandonment of yet nascent peace process as the result is telling: it takes only handful of people to sabotage the desperately needed peace between the two populations amassing population of more than a billion.

It also highlights how quick the rulers of both countries are to shut out any possibility of maintaining peace with their neighbors. Cursed with myopic visions, political leadership of both countries efforts reluctantly, almost condescendingly, to allow guns to cool down and let the sanity prevail. They never miss an opportunity to malign the other country for its “sinister motives” yet they somehow forget to produce evidence to concretize their claims. But then, electoral point scoring must be kept in mind at all times.

Their fault lies in the belief that peace will make them weak. It will land them right into the trap webbed by the enemy. Animosity, on the other hand, will keep their “enemy” at bay, they believe. For all these years, India and Pakistan have gained nothing but each other’s ire and the slow indifference of the people to what could have been the era of mutual economic progress, political expediency, purposeful harmony and exchange of similar cultures.

Nothing could be farther from truth in this belief of clinging on to the aggressive stance. Reality is different, bitter, and must be told to the people. Pakistan’s need for peace is clear: it wants to engage at the more brutal battlefront with TTP. It can only concentrate its resources to the leviathan of TTP if its east border is ensured of safety.

India should realize this need for peace. India may be blossoming into another economic giant of Asia, rivalling China, yet it will be almost always at the mortal peril if its neighbor does not act as the buffer zone to any threats of radicals from Afghanistan and Central Asia. By only helping Pakistan in defying the ghost of radicalization that haunts its existence, can India be truly safe. Constant bickering at the borders and crescendo of “all-out war” is tantamount to playing right into the hands of terrorists. Terrorists march forward with the objective of establishing an Islamic State of Pakistan where the word “Islamic” would be interpreted by them. Owing to sporadic support afforded to TTP’s ideology, it seems a far cry that TTP will ever get the chance of ruling Pakistan. Yet it is the ferociousness of their attacks and the precision with which they execute their operations leads one but to think that it is only a matter of time when even the nukes would no longer be safe. Even if a part of this becomes reality then India, along with US, naturally become one of the primary targets. How can India fail to consider that it is only by the concerted efforts at regional and global level to efface the surfeit threat of terrorism?

In the case of countries having definite geological boundaries, choosing a neighbor is not much of a choice: one has to work with whatever one has got. Hence Pakistan and India can choose to live in a perpetual state of war or they can breathe a sigh of relief by allowing peace to prevail. The month of August, every year, brings new set of promises of prosperity and hope. It is high time that definite peace with neighbors based on respect, honesty and understanding should be listed amongst the most important agendas.



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