Peace, but only when state would want it

6 Jan

]In the tumultuous times that Pakistan is in now, nothing can be more comforting than the alliance of different sects against the extremism of TTP. Everyone, except the government, seems clearheaded pertaining to what they desire. Even the TTP knows what its aims are and quite clearly follows the measures which it sees fit.

This alliance of different sects is heartening in multiple ways. Firstly, it indicates that none of the sects wants the extremity that TTP postulates. Moreover, the fact that all the sects want action against the TTP declares that they do not subscribe to the version of Islam that TTP interprets it to be. Where it was previously believed that TTP was also involved in the genocide of one sect on the behalf of another, this belief can easily be discarded. No one but TTP wants chaos amidst the two major sects where peace can prevail.

Ulema on either side have agreed on sectarian peace and have chalked out a code for sectarian harmony. It needs to be iterated that real and concrete sectarian harmony can only be ensured by the government itself. Ulema have learned to live by the mutual differences of the sects. The efforts contrived to debilitate such struggles for harmony can only be halted by writ of the state. The Ulema have shown that they are willing to play their part in hatching a plan whereby every sect can leave with complete peace of mind, fostering mutual understanding and strengthening the social bonds. The ball is now in the court of the state of Pakistan. It must do away with its myopic visions of rooting for one major sect while ignoring the other. The Constitution of Pakistan does not allow discrimination over cast, color and creed. The state of Pakistan must be the first one to go by the sacred text if it hopes to implement it. 


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