Beneath every dark cloud, there is a silver lining

19 Jan

No one can be said of not experiencing troubled times. It is God’s law that he besets his creations with trials to test their resolve. Amidst these dark times, one should not adopt for an escapist strategy, rather they should brave through unfavorable conditions with a positive outlook. This optimistic demeanor must always be kept close, for that every time that threatens to bring disorder, it also promises the growth of new hopes. In real life, it is observable that with hopes of better times, man has successfully faced testing times. Failure is not final; it is only man’s iron will that is permanent.

History has taught us that every disapproving incident becomes a source of learning for individuals. It has only been through repetitive mistakes that man has learned to avoid them. Through the dint of hard work, even ordinary man can turn the tide of troubled times and become a hero in his own way. Abraham Lincoln lost the presidential elections numerous times, but failure could never stop him. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, yet his hopes for a harmonious South Africa could not be trampled, and it culminated in his final release from the jail.

Sometimes, nations are encountered by such times that put to test the unity of their people, their ability to stay firm, and their capacity to rise again. Japanese and Germans proved to be one of such nations. Bombs and bullets could not halt their progress. Every developing country must believe that good times are a must only if its people are prepared to stay true to their cause.

Psychologically, if one always looks for the brighter aspect of things, only then can one work with a mind that is less afraid of fear. Being occupied with the fear of failure and hard times, no real development can accrue. It needs to be remembered that only those turn out to be successful who aspire to come out of testing times, into the harmony of peaceful moments.

Without a positive mindset, even an achievement can be marred. One cannot bear harder times without sufficient optimism. It needs to be believed that hard times carry for opportunities to learn, to survive and to comprehend the various shades of life. Without such variety, life itself becomes bland and dull. 


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