Thoughts about long marches of PTI & PAT

17 Aug

When a political party comes to power, it comes laden with promises made to the people. It becomes its moral duty to fulfill those hopes which the politician nurture during their long speeches to the electorate. In a way, it is a politician’s job that, when in power, his people’s interests must be of dearest concern. Failing to abide by such principles can lead to anger and frustration among the masses. It can enervate citizens’ hopes for a securer country. The daily angst with the failing system can make such people turn into a violent mob.

Against such inept political party which fails to deliver, protesting remains the only civilized course. When promises made of booming economy, ending power cuts in the matter of months, providing jobs to the jobless and underpaid, and making the country a safer place to live fail to translate into effective actions, not raising voice against it becomes injustice. Silence to such cruelty becomes betrayal.

These long marches may seem extravagant given the sheer dedication required yet Pakistan has never seemed so alive to political happenings. Gone are the days when people could be fooled by suppressing media houses, silencing critics and buying out the opposition. Pakistanis may not fare better in much of the arenas of life, yet politically awake they are. No government must be allowed to ride high on the taxpayer’s worthy money if it is not prepared to do its part of the basics.

Without being a votary of PTI or PAT, it is not totally needless to say that any future government, if it hopes to stay in the office for a complete term, must efficiently deliver to the people. A government must always be the first to act in times of crises. It is a norm for a Pakistani government to be the last to arrive and aid its people. This trend begs itself to be changed, for it lays bare governments uncompetitive side.

This is how democracy truly evolves. Democracy is not some elusive term that must be clung to when nothing else justifies government’s doings. Democracy is neither the name of successful completion of government’s term. It is the transition from a less competent government to a more competitive that believes in equal opportunity, nonpartisan to any biases, genuinely elected by the people. The excessive use of this term may turn people against the very idea of democracy and hence opening the door for non-democratic forces to slide through.  


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