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The Tragedy of Muslims

7 Aug

Gaza assault has become synonymous with heartless cruelty. Hundreds of women and children have become prey to Israel’s right of self-defense. Many more may follow if the world keeps itself mum over atrocities committed in Gaza. Where Israeli attack cannot be justified on humanitarian grounds, can the silence of Muslim community; the very countries that proudly declare themselves part of the Muslim culture and tradition, be more culprit?

It is understandable when it comes to Israel that it will show no mercy on Palestinians. These communities have been at each other’s throats for decades. It is very normal for one to be overtly cruel to his enemies. But words fall short in describing the insensitivity of the Muslim community that is known to have sympathies for the Palestinian cause. Now it is clearer than ever that those sympathies run their course when they are typed in the official policy statement. These policy statements are never translated into actual words. None of the Muslim countries has the temerity to stand up, even principally, to the hell that is raised in Gaza.

The causes of decline of the Arabs has been debated comprehensively. Certainly, the Arabs have not seen such turmoil in their lands and adjacent to theirs. Economically dependent and jealous of each other’s progress, the Arab states have forgotten what it is like to be principally correct. A society that witnessed its rise on being the most righteous ones are now suffering due to its very absence. Disunity of cause and purposelessness of state policies have led to communal decline.

Middle East is confounded. It is caught between the modern democratic systems where people are the masters of their fates and between traditionalists who aspire to return to the golden era of Muslim dominance of the world. Befuddling all rationality, the state system has collapsed itself to the whims of extremists and other non-state actors. These fallen countries would soon be turned into hatch zones of terrorists determined to blow up any one who, ever so slightly, differs in their practice of religion.

The core reason why Muslim states are unable to meet any consensus over Gaza issue is that they themselves are fighting for their survival. Their efforts of international peace are marred by perpetual internal threats to their state structure. Muslims states in Middle East have entered a new phase of disintegration. Pakistan has launched a massive operation against TTP in its mountainous range of North Waziristan. Muslim countries of the Africa are not much well off themselves to become a forceful voice at international stage. This disunion has encouraged the enemies of Muslim countries to initiate their onslaught.  Rife with internal discord, Muslim countries could never find the selfless spirit to defend their weaker brethren.

It is only rational that one would hope of rapid recovery of Muslim nation-states. But this recovery comes only when efforts are made for the true implementation of democracy, emphasis on scientific education and research, better health facilities to every common citizen, employment, and, perhaps the most important of them all, political leadership that believes in the people it governs and instilled with the fortitude to take their country to newer heights of development. In it lies the genuine rise of Muslim nation-states. May the Muslims find succor and strength to take their countries where they rightfully belong.


Living Dead

12 Jul

As the world silently stands and stares at horrid events unfolding in Gaza, the inability of major powers to speak against one of their own is telling. Their ethics that dictate human rights, their codes that regulate the sanctity of human life are but founded on hypocrisy.

Where children of Palestine matter, but matter much less than children of Israel, the equation speaks of unending barbarity that the unfortunate people of Palestine are a subject to. These are not soldiers partaking in any battle, these are harmless, undefended and unarmed citizens whose only crime was to be born in this hell hole. Exposed to Israel’s wrath, the tragedy that is Palestine continues to sadden as the world becomes its audience.

Israel cannot be expected to make peace. This is evident from their actions constituting senseless carnage of Palestinians over petty issues. One-state solution, two-state solution, these peace initiatives are for the academics to discuss and debate. They do not concern Netanyahu administration, nor do they believe in such fantasy. Even the efforts of Israel’s allies i.e. US have borne no fruits in lulling the abhorrence which Israel fosters for the people of Palestine.
It is then no wonder that Israel has effectively become a threat to the world peace. A country that cannot stay firm on a peace course and regularly, with impunity, recourses to violence and crimes against humanity should not be trusted to uphold peace. A country that feels that bombing schools, mosques, houses and hospitals is the essential part of its ‘response’ to Palestinian threat must have delirious minds at the helm of affairs; which, by default, make it an irresponsible state. It is armed with one of the most advanced military technologies only to slaughter the innocents as cannon fodder. One begins to wonder if such a state really should ever had a right to exist. By such actions, Israel vindicates the hatred that many countries feel towards its existence. As if there wasn’t enough hatred in this world.

There are no go-to fixes for this problem. It has persisted for decades and even the best brains of the world could not crack this puzzle. But hostilities must cease. No one has ever asked Israel to love Palestine. Rather, it should stop fiddling with the peace of Middle East which is already marred by Arab Spring after effects.
For this achieve, the world must step up. Super powers are keen to fight for their interests, but they must show some spine and dissuade Israel from trespassing limits of human irrationality and insensitivity. A country that houses less population than New York must not be allowed to hold hostage the whole world while it loots and plunders whoever it wants, whatever it wants. The world must let itself to be slaked by false assurances of Israel of which it shows little regard. It is time for the world to come of age.