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Bilawal’s return to Pakistan

2 Jun

Without much fanfare, the scion of Bhutto family has finally returned to Pakistan. Marred by incompetent governance in Sindh, dented by allegations from Zulfiqar Mirza and haunted by disastrous results in recently held polls, PPP may draw a comforting relief from Bilawal’s return.

But is this return actually a return to take the helm of affairs of his political party or would it be mere symbolic presence meanwhile the command is run by those who are responsible for PPP’s current dismal condition? Until and unless Bilawal, who is seen by many as the promise of ushering PPP into a new era of modern politics, takes up the gaunt there is little that one can hope for.

PPP remains a voice for the people of Sindh but sadly such voices remain muted as the state of governance in Sindh reflect nothing to be positive about. Harboring such a vote bank comes with a precondition of being able to portend a responsible behavior towards the masses. PPP with its inept administration and myopic policies, aimed more at favoring relatives and friends than the electorate, has cured little of what ails the Sindh province. Something needs to change.

Though easier said than done, Bilawal’s work is cut out for him. Men of credible credentials need to be given administrative posts. The lost and disillusioned works of PPP need to be contacted, reassured and given incentives to kick start the rotting engine of the party that Zulfiqar Bhutto established.

Mere rhetoric would not do. It is time that Bilawal looks up and beyond to prove his mettle. Party infighting, meanness of intentions when in power, and most importantly the national disfigurement of image of PPP require diligent concern.

In his quest of improving party’s image, if it ever becomes one, senior leadership of the party must step forward to nurture the young leader. Their experience coupled with Bilawal’s dynamism may just be what the doctor has prescribed for ailing PPP. Definite measures, and not bemoaning the dead, will ensure party’s longevity.