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Which is more loving: Being silent about the homosexual’s sin or telling him that he is wrong?

27 Feb

The world and the perspectives of the people that populate this world have changed drastically. What was once thought to be sinful and illegal, the world has come around to embrace it as its own. A man who died merely 20 years ago, he would fail to capture what precisely has changed. For it would be too much for him. Human relations offer no different a picture.

Homosexuality has been talked about by that clique, largely, that is unaffected by this phenomenon. Though it is not new, it has only recently surfaced owing to homosexual’s growing populace in developed countries, particularly USA. They have effectively voiced the kind of life that they want to live at the peril of social isolation.  

The title at hand has a discreet assumption: it declares a homosexual as someone who is either committing a sin because he is doing a wrong act. It begs a simple question that why a person should be held liable for feelings that he or she has no control over? Can feelings of attractiveness be curbed? Can it be directed towards someone whom you should? Would it not make them all the more irresistible? Should we not live with that somebody who we can love and they can love us back rather than trying to befool ourselves the whole life? Is loving someone of the same gender a sin? Is there not enough hatred in the world? Why hating the enemy is not a sin where the enemy is as much a human as you are, meanwhile loving another human, albeit of the same sex, quickly becomes a sin, a wrongful act of which the person should be repeatedly warned about?

Ethically, societies have developed overtime. Such a drastic change from its norms would not take place without shaking its very foundations. Hence, whenever something radical is brought forth that challenges its setup, it fiercely fights to maintain the status quo. Therefore, conservative societies consider a taboo. It is condemned to be wrongful. So much so, that parents in a conservative society would rather strangle their homosexual child to save themselves from shame.

Homosexuality also affects the normal prolonging of human life. Without opposite genders living together, there cannot be any increase in the human population. But the planet Earth is already bursting with human population. It has almost become a threat owing to fast consumption of natural resources. Human population would never really be affected if handful people begin to live with same sexes. The human population is not really a problem here, rather providing for this population certainly is. These fusty beliefs have done enough to bog down human progress.

Let us be rational about our beliefs and ponder. A tender heart would go a long way in making this world a loving place. Humans rue bloodbath every single day. A little act of kindness, and a little allowance for personal space to others would help originate a long lasting tolerance, sewn in the fabric of society. We must begin with ourselves and not wait for others to do it. First sure step is always the hardest.